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WARNING: This link is a video snapshot of the various safaris's including kill shots. If you do not want to see Kill shots then do not open this link.

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African Safari

Safari Hunting DVD

Safari Adventure Productions spans the globe to bring you the finest wildlife safari adventures possible. Safari is the Swahili word for “travel”. Some might think “safari” means a hunt for lion, elephant and such in Africa, but safari is much bigger than that. Safari encompasses all things with the outdoors and isn't just limited to African hunting safaris. Our safari hunting and safari fishing videos will take us trekking over many continents, lakes and seas. As we travel together thru the eyes of the safari hunting videos offered we will experience the true essence of the quest. Whether it's a safari for Lion hunting in Botswana, Leopard hunting in Zambia, Rocky Mountain Elk in New Mexico, Bongo in Central African Republic, Peacock Bass fishing in Brazil, Ducks in Argentina, Lake Trout in Canada or King Salmon in Alaska, Safari Adventure takes you there with host and hunter Brook Minx.

Many safari hunting video's attempt to persuade the purchaser that the host is the foremost expert on the subject of the safari hunting video, whether it's a hunt for elephant or fishing for peacock bass in Brazil. The truth is the hunter or fisherman is only as good as the professional safari hunter, hunting guide, trackers or fishing guide that he accompanies limited by the concession, area, lake, or sea where the adventure takes place. Pick a bad location, PH or guide and the trip will be a bust. Safari Adventure Productions works very hard to ensure the safari hunting dvd's take place with the best PH's and top fishing guides in the best possible locations throughout the world.

African Elephant Hunting DVD

Brook Minx possesses the proper guns and kit, he can make the proper shot placement, deliver the lure to the targeted spot retrieving it with the proper action, and has honed safari hunting and fishing skills necessary to bag the quarry, but the truth of the matter is credit must be given where credit is due. Without the PH's, trackers and guides putting him on the quarry pursued, these adventures would be an empty walk through the long grass or dragging a lure thru meaningless waters. These safari hunting dvd's are as much if not more about the PH's, guides and trackers as they are about Brook Minx's adventure to bag the subject of the safari.

Each safari hunting video is not the usual over packed video with kill shot after kill shot made by many hunters over the course of many seasons, but rather a complete chronicle of the pursuit of the game from departure to completion of the adventure. You'll see the camps; meet the PH's, guides and trackers, who share their secrets on how to increase your odds of success; you'll experience the food, the surroundings, we'll discuss the guns, and see the mistakes along with the successes. If you're planning a safari adventure to a particular destination of the subject of the safari hunting video, you can rely on the video as a true depiction of the safari and not a compilation of kill shots by many different people over the course of many seasons. For us hunters, it's about the hunt, not the kill. You, you yourself, will experience the entire safari hunting video as if you were the one on safari.

New Mexico Elk Safari

Brook Minx's motto is “Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess”, meaning that when you completely immerse yourself in the sought after game or fishing experience only then do you truly understand, appreciate and absorb the very essence of the quest satisfying your purpose for the safari. So with that back drop; pop the safari hunting video in the dvd player, sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy our Safari Hunting DVD's.